A common-sense approach

For more than two decades, our clients and partners have seen first-hand how much we value trust, quality, and communication—from the inside out. In addition to beautiful homes, we are committed to delivering peace of mind.


Dedicated service

When you hire MJK Homes, you get Matt on your team. He attends weekly client status meetings and is involved every step of the way.

Matt came along with strong recommendations, so we knew that he was an experienced builder, but it was the ease in which he laid out the entire process that was most comforting.



Cost transparency

You see everything Matt sees. He’ll share every material, labor, or subcontractor invoice so you’ll know exactly where you stand with your budget at all times.

From the very beginning Matt took us through a detailed checklist and provided us with reliable expectations. His organizational skills and attention to detail were quite impressive.



Full-service support

Whether you need to find an architect or a reputable source for materials, Matt’s partner network is a reliable resource at your disposal.

Matt’s subs were some of the nicest people we’ve ever met. They’ve worked for him for many years and consider themselves lucky to do so. He treats them with tremendous respect and expects the very best from them.



Work without delay

MJK Homes only invoices on completed work, rather than requesting milestone payments. We’re committed to keeping your timeline on target.

What I liked about his process is that he managed me—gave me deadlines with ample lead time to make decisions—and I never felt like I had to manage him or track him down, as I often hear about client-contractor relationships.


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